Send Diana Well Wishes!

Diana has so appreciated all of your love and support you have voiced and provided these past few years including this GoFundMe campaign. As you can imagine, it is hard to ask for help but many people say “if only I was made aware”. Well, you were and proved how much Diana has meant to you. Finances remain tight but your help has eased the rough spots.

Her son Mark wanted me to let you know that in the past couple weeks, Diana has had some health setbacks. There are now more home healthcare workers spending time with her and she feels fortunate to be in the familiar comfort of her own home while she deals with these issues. We are hoping for the best possible outcome but it will take time.

We would be happy to share any well wishes you’d like to deliver by email – please send them to Rena at with the subject line reading: Message for Diana from xxxx (insert your name here).

If you send emails or texts or Facebook messages directly to Diana, she will most likely not see them. She is not able to return any communications at this time and Mark is focused on his mother. No matter how close of a relationship you have had with her, please know that the method described here is what would be most appreciated and would be your best chance for success.

Rena Kiehn
Niles Essanay Silent Film Museum

(Physical cards/letters can be sent to Diana Serra Cary 738 Fifth Avenue in Gustine California 95322)

And of course if you wish to help with her medical funds you can donate here directly to the family.