Diana’s Interment

Diana sadly never seen most of the money she had lost her childhood to earning. Despite this she grew to have a successful string of second careers including historian, speaker and author.  After the MPTF refused to help her final care (unless she moved in, which she did not wish to) she spent the last of her years living at home with her son and granddaughter.

We, along with Niles Film Museum helped raise funds for Diana’s care and her birthdays in her final years. Once she passed we were still raising money for her medical bills and now we had to add interment to the bill.  Covid hit soon after she died and things ground to a standstill for everyone.

Now, 2 years later, Diana has been interred in a manner her family thought she’d like best: near Father Serra her namesake (his cemetery doesnt accept new interments. This was the nearest one that did.)

Diana is interred at the San Carlos Cemetery in Monterey, CA. She is interred in a breezeway, official lot 416A. Please observe all cemetery rules and notices when visiting.

Thanks to Michael Bonham of Niles Film Museum for the photos and info. And thank you all for helping put Diana to rest somewhere lovely.