Who We Are

This site is run by A Star for Baby Peggy, a committee of film fans who in 2012, began trying to get Diana the honor of a Star on the Walk of Fame.

Why We Are Here

As we have been so far unsuccessful in that endeavor, we keep her name and careers known to the public. As Diana nears 101 she needs help for healthcare. This began in 2014 when she asked to be allowed to have care from the MPTF and was denied due to not having the proper paperwork, despite having a very prominent career. Around Christmas MPTF changed their minds and offered her live in care in LA, but this was not what Diana wanted and she remains in Gustine with her family. The millions she made for everyone else were gone before she hit age 10. Her dolls and memorabilia go for several hundred (sometimes thousand) dollars but nothing goes to her. So we are doing what we can to help pay for her care and upkeep.  This involves birthday donation drives run by Niles Film, as well as autographed memorabilia sold by her and her family.